How to Reduce Transplanting Trauma for Ornamental Grasses

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Learn how to reduce plant trauma when transplanting ornamental grasses, in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Okay in order to reduce transplant shock because this is a bit of a sunny day, we are going to soak this plant really well with this slow trickle hose drip and what I like to do is get it running on a very slow pressure and put it down at the base of the plant and let that plant soak. The ideal type of day would be a cloudy day to do any kind of uprooting of plant material and today is a little bit sunnier but we are going to do it for demonstration purposes. Pick a cool day when doing this type of work and we are just going to let it soak there for a good half an hour so it has time for those roots to absorb up as much water as possible.