Understand the Basics of Orchids

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Where to buy orchids, its different breeds and how to care for orchids all factor into which ones you should choose. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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What makes the plant unique in the fact that when we look at it the vegetative growth is unique to the orchid and there is various series of forms to help hold water and not all orchids grow the same way. Some grow like the palm of your hand where the roots and stem spread out and others will grow straight up into the air. Other things are where did the roots grow? What is unique about the roots? Why do orchids grow where they do and why are some of the weird orchids in the world grow anywhere? No where you would expect them to grow actually such as underground and in water. Now when we look at these things, some of them are very difficult to see. The underground orchid is not one that is nominally seen unless you go to the deserts of Australia. The other ones growing in the water. You have to go to South Africa and that is where you will find those living. So this is what we are going to do; go through all the characteristics that are unique to orchids and make them live and function in the way that they do.