Replacing the Furniture After the Carpet Is Dry

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Get carpet cleaning tips and techniques for replacing the furniture once your own carpet is clean in this free how-to house cleaning video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! This is Diana for Expert and we have just steam cleaned our carpet with our Rug Doctor steam cleaner and we have let the carpet dry for about 6 hours and now we have replaced out furniture. One precaution that I like to do because chairs and furniture usually have a little metal piece on the bottom of each leg or else the legs are made of wood that may have a dye or a stain in them and you don’t won’t that marking up your beautiful cleaned carpet, so I am just going to take a little piece of wax paper. You could use plastic wrap or you could use a little piece of felt and I am going to put that where the metal or the wooden leg would be touching your carpet and set your furniture back down and now you will not be getting a rust stain or a wood dye stain on your carpet.