How to Clean Spots on the Carpet

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Learn the best way to steam clean carpets, including tips and techniques on removing spots and stains, in this free how-to carpet cleaning video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! This is Diana for Expert and today we are steam cleaning your carpet at home with a rental machine and we are doing the preparation on your carpet. We just did the vacuuming and now we want to identify the high traffic areas that would be in front of your door or through any hallways where people walk a lot or what we have here is a dark area because this was in front of somebody’s favorite chair. So, it’s a little more dirty right in this one area and we have specific spots where something was spilled. I have my spot cleaner. I like to use Resolve but of course there are lots of different kinds out there. So I am just going to spray in the large area a light mist and I am going to zero in on the little spots with a little bit more and then I have my cotton cloth and I am just going to rub that in and scrub the spots. Usually you would let the spot remover sit for about 30 seconds and if it’s a stubborn area, you can also use your scrub brush. That should pre-treat your spots.