Where to Find Help with Your Growing Orchids

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Growing orchids require a lot of care and, sometimes, help. Find additional resources in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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Can you use local growers as a source of information? Well, there's good and bad news here. The bad news is some growers; if you are not buying a plant don't want to know you. The other, good news however, is there's others of us who are really more interested in you being successful in orchid growing. If you incidentally buy a plant, they'll stand behind that. But the nice thing is that you can bring in a sick plant and say, "what's happening?" "what am I doing wrong?" "What am I doing right?" Because occasionally you may be doing something right and your expectations may be too great. You may expect the orchid plant to blossom month after month after month and find out that it blossoms once a year. But you can find this out and part of it is knowing who your local growers are and finding out which ones you want to talk to and which ones you want to avoid.