How to Repel Flies With Water

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Repelling flies with water involves mixing fragrant oils or hot spices with the water and spraying down the area or filling plastic bags with water to create a confusing optical illusion for them. Keep flies away from a property using simple water... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to repel flies with water. Now flies are around us everywhere and there's really no way to get rid of them and I've come to the conclusion that you don't want to use any chemicals that are going to hurt all the other bugs in your world as well. So never use any insecticides if you want to get rid of flies. You can always repel them by just swatting them with a fly swatter or you can use a spray bottle of water if there's lots of them and you're out on the deck, just spray them down with water and if you mix it with oil or any kind of Tabasco or curry powder or cayenne pepper, anything you mix with water and you spray those flies with, they don't like the smell. So if you're having a barbecue too, if you just use some spray around the areas where there's some flies and use some hot powder, any kind of spice with it, it'll repel them as well. But there's also a theory if you put some water in a plastic bag and or in a jug or and you hang it from a tree in any of the areas where you're eating or a restaurant they do it sometimes in the south where people are eating in the outside area, they'll hang a bunch of bags around. What happens is that the water creates a no-fly zone, it's an optical illusion. It'll make prisms out of every direction so the flies don't want to go near that area because they think they're going into a lake, they think it's a wall, it build an imaginary wall wherever those prisms shine. And the way that they're eyes move, they don't really see things the way that humans do so the prisms become walls. And so you can use it anywhere that you have flies. So whether you just leave bags around your food or even bowls of water around your food, many say that that works too because the water when it hits the sun too if you use a glass bowl with water, it'll make prisms all the way around your food and that the flies won't be the problem that they were before. If you've got a lot of flies and you've got a barbecue and you've tried everything else, it's worth the effort, why not?