Growing Orchids in Subterranean Conditions

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Some orchids can grow in subterranean conditions. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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?One of the weirdest places for Orchids to grow is under ground. Now why would any plant want to grow underground? Part of it depends upon the habitat they grow in. They grow in the desert region of Australia, they blossom underground, the leaves are always more or less underground, and the big issue is, how would they get pollinated? Bees certainly aren't going to fly underground, but they don't use the bees, they use a close relative, they use ants. The ants than crawl underground because the pollen and the nectar the flowers produce is always a food source and all they've got to do is move that pollen from one place to another and they've pollinated that plant. But it still remains the fact that not many people, and myself included have ever seen one of these underground Orchids other than in photograph. And it's just one of those weird things of Orchid World.