Learn About the Fleshy Leaves of Orchids

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One of the orchids' characteristics is their fleshy leaves. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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Some Orchids rely on having fleshy green leaves to store their water all the time and we again will find the diversity of form and variation across the orchard genre. The most common one is again the leaf of the Pleurothallopsis, with the thick fleshy interior, and it's very difficult by the way when you see these to know if it's wilting or not, because it it doesn't wilt like a regular plant. It just sort of shrivels and squeezes in as the water is used up. Now leaf form for the thick fleshy leaves will vary. We have other forms that have thick fleshy leaves and they feel almost like they were made out of leather, because they are so resistant to loosing moisture that they try and grown in a fairly dry situation. Even some of these very interesting tropical forms which tend to get a lot of water surprisingly will still have thick fleshy leaves. They don't dry out very much but they do have that thick fleshy character, and we have some other's that will have leaves that are even wide like a pencil and hang down sometimes several feet.