How to Use a Portable Electric Sander

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Hi, my name is Matthew Christian from Tampa, Florida and on behalf of Expert Village today I'd like to talk to you about a portable electric sander. As I mentioned earlier there are a wide variety of uses for a portable electric sander. In this particular case I'm going to demonstrate using it on a piece of base board. This is a piece of pre-primered base board that I bought at a local home improvement warehouse. It's pre-primered at the factory. It's ready to be painted but a lot of times the primer that they put on there it's at a factory and it doesn't always come out smooth or to the desired texture. So you may find it necessary to sand the base board prior to painting. This could be done by hand with a piece of sandpaper, any of the sandpapers that we were using earlier, this could be done by hand. Doing a small piece like this, doing it by hand probably wouldn't be too bad but if you were installing base board in an entire house or you had a large area to sand, that's where the portable electric sander comes in. It makes it much easier and less time consuming. So let's go ahead and sand down our base board a little bit and demonstrate how it's used. We plugged it in, we tired our cord to make sure it doesn't come undone while we are using it. And it is quite simply just place the device down onto the wood that you want to sand and while you are holding it firmly, turn it on and we are going to move back and forth in a consistent pattern until we get the desired smoothness or texture of the wood that we are looking for. Here we go. Feels pretty good. I Didn't need to go too far. It just had a light rough texture on the surface. I just needed to sand it lightly and that took care of that.