Learn the Stages of Growing Orchids

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Orchid care and finding help for indoor orchids are discussed in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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The process of naming orchids is not as easy and straight forward as we would hope. Often times, an orchid gets its name from the guy who paid the bill for the expeditgion to go out in the woods and find them. After all if your name is Rockchild and you are paying someone a half a million dollars to go find orchids, you would hope thta you would have one orchid named for you. Mr. Rockchild has many named for him. Other things that we have to look at when we do this, is how important is an orchid's name in terms of what you need to know. All too often I have people call me up and say, I have an orchid. How do I do grow it? I'll say, what is it? They will say, it's an orchid. Unless you can tell me what it is, I can't give you any hint on what you need to do to grow it. So orchid names are important and critical if you want to be successful.