How to Cut Back Ivy

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Alright, we've cut back our bridal veil, I've cleaned my scissors, and I'm ready to start on this old fashioned ivy. This one the leaves are a lot bigger and I'm going to be a little more careful about how I cut it. I'm looking for points where it's branching. This would be a place where I could cut it back. Actually, I think I want to go a little shorter. I'm just looking for those points. If I cut at the top like this, I would just be left with an ugly stem. It might fall off or it would just turn brown and we don't want that. We're always trying to cut back to the next set of leaves where it's going to regrow. You don't have to be exact. Again, I don't want to cut this one back too far. The harder I cut it back, the more it sets the plant back. It's going to take longer to regrow. I don't want to make it look ugly. I'll take some off the bottom. The length I'm not going to worry so much about because it's a little too big. The sides where it's going to show I'm going to be a little more careful.