Understand Orchid Roots

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Orchid roots can very by plant type. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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When we see orchards growing it is very common to see them growing across the media but often the roots are hidden by the media they are growing in so it's not easy to see how the root looks and in this case it's growing out and it's getting enough water in it's growth cycle so it will grow on the surface of the media your choosing and this way we get too see the very large white Velum along the root, and the other characteristic we want to look for in orchard root tips is if it's got a green a bright green tip because that means the root is healthy, it's growing well, and in addition to that in nature that would mean that?s how this plant is going to glue itself to the sub straight that it grows on because very near that grand where it goes from the white to the green, a very sticky substance like a glue is produced, and it uses that to adhere to the branches or structures it grows on.