How to Tease Plant Roots for Regrowth

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This plant has lived in this pot for 3 years. As you can see, some of the roots start growing in a circle. That's really not good for the plant because eventually it could strangle itself. We just tease the roots up. Loosen them up. You damage them a little bit, but just don't be too rough. So just loosen them up. To show you, this root system. It's not very thick, but sometimes they really can be. This is a spider plant. It's really not that big of a plant, but if I wanted to transplant it into something bigger. Look how big these roots are. They're starting to grow in this spiral. If I was going to transplant this, I would want to loosen all these roots up. Loosen them up. You do have to rip some of them, but try to be nice. It's the bottom of the tray so the water can come through. I would take this off, but you get the idea. I've loosened up a good portion of the roots. Okay.