How to Keep Bees From Apple Trees

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Keeping bees away from apple trees will prevent the bees from pollinating the apple tree and producing apples. Keep bees away from people instead of trees by covering the skin in lavender or eucalyptus oil with advice from a sustainable gardener in this... View Video Transcript

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Hi. This is Yolanda Vanveen. And in this segment, we're going to talk about how to keep bees from your apple trees. Now, bees are needed to pollinate apple trees. But if you live in the city or you live in a neighborhood where you're sick of the bees or you're allergic to bees, you will find that they'll be just thousands of bees in your apple tree, trying to pollinate them. And so it can be really irritating or scary if you are really allergic to them. But the problem with keeping the bees out of your apple trees is you're going to stop the bees from pollinating your apple trees. And then you won't have any apples in your tree. So the best thing to do is to keep yourself away from that apple tree. And so by putting lavender on your skin or any type of oil or eucalyptus or spearmint on yourself, you will find that the bees won't bother you. And the same thing with the trees. If you still want to keep them away from your trees, is just take your hose and hose down the tree. A lot of times, it'll, the bees will clear out, but they'll come right back. So you don't want to use any chemicals in your trees. You can always try to use cayenne pepper or red hot chili pepper or any type of oils in your tree. A lot of times, that might stop the bees from coming around. But in the end, the bees are our friends. And so, my theory is: you don't want to stop the bees from being in your apple trees. You just want to stop the bees from being around you. So if you put all types of eucalyptus oils or any type of lavender or even regular vegetable oil on your body, the bees don't like that. So if you can protect yourself from the bees and actually encourage the bees to be on your apples, then you will get lots and lots of fruit on your tree.