Adding the Soap to a Carpet Steam Cleaner

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Learn how to add the soap to the Rug Doctor to steam clean your carpet in this free DIY video introduction to carpet cleaning with a Rug Doctor. View Video Transcript

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Video Transcript

Hi! This is Diana for Expert and today we are steam cleaning your carpet at home with a rented machine called the Rug Doctor. So we’ve put our hot water in the lower tank and then we have to add our soap. This is the Rug Doctor’s soap that they recommend you buy but there are other kinds you can use as well for steam cleaners. Since we have a gallon of water, it is recommended to use a ¼ cup to a ½ cup of the soap and we are going to pour that right into the container below; a lot of good water. There is another product called the de-foamer which keeps the foam from building up but I have not had a problem with that so I don’t use the de-foamer. Then we are just going to replace the dirty water bucket and this snaps back into place and this will clean about 50 square feet of your carpet before you have to refill it. Let’s get started.