Interest & Mosaic Stone for Landscaping

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Here’s a mosaic that I made, and it’s a compass rose. On the mosaic is the summer and winter solstice. I made this mosaic out of glass. It’s a compass rose. I cut each piece of the glass and sanded it with a diamond sander and then some of the main elements I put foil behind so that it would glow. These of course are the four directions, this is north. This is the winter solstice and this is the summer solstice. At high noon on the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, if you put a stick here, the sun would be aligned directly across the middle of the compass. My husband is going to drill two holes and we’re going to put the sticks in. I mounted it with cut marble. I had this piece of natural marble that wasn’t shiny or anything and was just in the natural stone state. I took a hammer and hammered it, and then took the broken pieces and set it with cement.