Drying Figs

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Drying figs requires pre-heating an oven to 170 degrees or the dehydrate function, placing the figs on a baking pan with room between each one, and leaving the figs in the oven for six to 12 hours. Add dried figs to oatmeal or other foods with tips from... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Gabi, and I'm going to show you how to dry figs. So I have here, some figs, and a baking pan. I preheated my oven to one hundred and seventy degrees, which is the lowest that most ovens go. If you have a dehydrate function on your oven, you could also use that. So, I'm going to place my figs with room in between them on the baking pan. And you don't want to do too many at once. And I'm going to put them in the oven, and I'm going to leave them for six hours at the very least, and up to twelve. So you could stick them in at night, and then go to bed, and in the morning you'll have dried figs to put in your oatmeal.