Cooking Figs

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Cooking figs requires chopping up dried figs roughly, bringing the figs to a medium heat in a sauce pan, adding some balsamic vinegar to the pan and adding white granulated sugar to create a syrupy sauce. Use figs in syrup to put over chicken or fish... View Video Transcript

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Hi. My name is Gabi and I'm going to show you how to cook figs. So what I have here are some dried figs that have been chopped roughly. And I'm going to put these into a small sauce pan. And I'm going to bring it up over medium heat. And I'm just going to add a couple of ingredients. I've got some balsamic vinegar. It doesn't need to be fancy vinegar, because it's just going to reduce. So just your typical grocery store, least expensive balsamic vinegar. And I've covered the figs. So to your figs and vinegar, you also want to add about half a cup of white granulated sugar and stir it in as you pour. Again it doesn't have to be fancy. And what's going to happen is the sugar is going to turn into caramel and thicken up this whole mixture and you'll have a really delicious, syrupy fig sauce. So this is what it'll look like. You see it's syrupy and the figs have plumped up. It's just perfect for chicken or fish. And that is how you cook figs.