How to Scare Away Pigeons

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Scaring away pigeons can be done by taking away their food and water source on the property, blocking their nesting areas using netting and string, and sprinkling strong-smelling spices around the perimeter. Prevent pigeons from making a garden their... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to get rid of pigeons. Now if you have been to a public park or been to New York or been to any big city, you will find pigeons everywhere. And there's really no deterrent from pigeons anymore. There's no natural animals that can come and control their population. So they've taken over certain areas. So to get rid of the pigeons you have to address the issue of why they're there. And they're there because there's a food source and then there's a water source. You've gotta take that away from them. You've gotta take away their nesting areas. And the easiest way to do that is to put netting up if they're under your carport. You can use little owl decoys. A lot of people swear by those. And if there's any area where they're perching you can staple little nails or put little nails in there or put a little string across so they can't sit on those perches. And if they've got access to your attic or an old building, you've gotta stop them from getting in whether it's putting fencing or netting or screening. So the only way to get rid of pigeon population is to control them and not give them a place to live. And pigeons or other birds or any type of animal don't like really strong spices. So if they're around your water fountains or around your front door, spray it down or just put down a bunch of cinnamon, red hot pepper, cayenne pepper, pepper garlic. Try any type of curry, anything that's really spicy and sprinkle it down where they're hanging out. And they will leave, because they don't like the smell. And you can always just take a garden hose and spray them here and there too and try to chase them away. But eventually they generally do come back. So to get rid of pigeons you have to really not give them a reason to be around you. So get rid of their nesting areas. Don't allow them in. Cover up all entrances, put netting up, spray everything down with spices, put owl decoys. Do whatever you can to try to get rid of them and eventually you should win and you will rid your house and home or park from those pigeons.