Burgundy Lace Tulip

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Burgundy Lace is a French tulip that's a vibrant pink. Learn how to identify springtime flowers in bloom from a sustainable gardener in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen from vanveenbulbs.com. In this series we're learning how to identify spring blooming flower bulbs. We plant them in the fall and then they bloom, and then we have now idea what their name is when they come up in the spring. One of my favorites is Burgundy Lace, it's a French tulip that's just vibrant pink. So Burgundy Lacy is just a beautiful tulip because it has a little fringe, it's considered a fringe. And I love it, it looks just like, it reminds me kind of of the little shop of horrors. Because it looks like almost little teeth, all the way little sharp teeth all the way around the top. And it's a real vibrant color. They call it Burgundy Lace, but I found no two are ever the same. Some are really, really dark pink, some have this almost red, and then others are wine colored. And as they age too, they kind of go through all the colors even to a burgundy brown. And they're pretty dependable, they bloom every year. And I love them. And I want to make a note here, I've got only one poor Burgundy Lace here, and he really needs to have friends. I didn't mean to put him in time out, but apparently none of his friends, I just kind of sorted some bulbs out in this area and only one came up. So what I'm going to do next fall probably is add some friends. But it's just a really pretty tulip, that I really enjoy. And in my last house I had a big bed of them and they got actually pretty tall over the years. They can get two to three feet tall. Sometimes they'll get taller over the years, too. I had a big bed of them at the old house, and they got maybe two feet, three feet tall, and they bloomed for two months straight. And they seem to more of a magenta color, so just genetically no two bulbs are going to be the same, just like us. We all come in different colors and shapes, and even though we might be in the same family a lot of times, unless you have identical twins, you look a little bit different from the others. Next we'll talk about a tulip that everyone calls a circus tulip, and that's Texas Flame.