How to Choose Daylily Colors

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So what makes daylilies applying? Probably a couple of things is of course there color some people like them these pale oranges. Now if I say to you these are some of my favorites and it is kind of pale orange but again look at the ruffles around the edges. Then it has a darker color inside and as you can see today it a rainy day they are leaving little droplets on each particular pedal look quiet interesting. So this is one of those flowers that depending on your own color taste this is a softer color yet it is pretty attractive. Now if you like one of those vibrant colors here is a great red this is actually a later daylily it is just probably sort of peaking yesterday or the day before and it comes in lots of clumps of red red flowers. So if your a person who loves red this is a great flower to have to. Then we have this softer peach back here, some of the leaves curl a bit with that dark stripe down the middle kind of a raise stripe and if you look at the two behind it is a really very very attractive color to put anywhere with the darker one's. Now the original daylilies that you saw in the side of the road 50 years ago they still have pretty orange one's and this is a kind of a orange one kind of a simple one. One of the things that I always tell people is if you have a knock out lily as the red you don't want to put another knock out lily right next to it cause they loose each other. But if you put these softer colors around the bright one's then they tend to stand out and really make there selves look a little more brilliant. Now we do have double one's this is actually a double day lily as you can see double pedals right here. Some of them are pretty and some of them I don't some people love these not my favorites but again everybody has a different taste. This is a great of a peach one here having the ruffle on the outside again I guess you can say ruffles are pretty much my favorite here. So we have these shorter one's as you can see side by side, then we have taller one's, huge tall I call these creamsicle. Some one gave these to me it didn't have a real name to it so I call it creamsicle. So what ever color you may want you can find then in daylilies and arrange them anyway that you want from the largest purple to the smallest yellow.