How to Divide Daylilies

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So how do you know when to divide a daylily? Generally about every 3 to 4 years. If you loose track of your years just look at the size of the plant this one down here as you can see a good size I put my hands around it, same thing here with this nice little purple one put my hands around it and then we move up to this peach I mean this is a very large plant. It stills has a it's buds on it but may not have as many buds next year so it is actually time to divide this daylily. So what do you do with this you actually just take a nice good shovel, good sharp blade and you just put the shovel between the leaves and step on it nice and firm. So you take your shovel divide it, have a good chunk and put it firmly between the leaves straight down and with a good pair of shoes put all your weight on it and it will go right down into the ground. Then you kind of wiggle your shovel from side to side, divide with the shovel on the other side, so you basically circle it and you feel when you put the shovel on the ground that you would actually find those roots. Which are right here now these are what makes the daylilies grow, so what you have actually done is cut them and this is okay you have actually cut these here but it is actually what you are suppose to do. All of these would grow and this little corner would turn into a full plant next year and this plant here would be actually be fine. I would probably divide this section of the daylily one more time cause it is still a little bit big. So I may give this flower to somebody and I might even give it to the camera man cause he said he was starting to do perennials flowers so this might be one of those to give away to those friends for a gift of just for the fun of it.