Dead Heading Daylilies

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In order to make your plants look the best they really should be dead head everyday cause each lily see bloomed today would be gone tomorrow. And what I mean is each one of these flowers would kind of close up shop and look like it is ready to be gone. So what you simple do is hold one end and snap it off and these all need to come off one at a time. If you try to take more then one at a time you might snap off some of these buds. Now these buds are going to be daylilies tomorrow, the next today or the next day after that. So in some aspics you have to be very careful I mean you want to do a nice job because when you take these off this plant would look much much better. But you don't want to rush so you take off the bud so everyday I kind of come out first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee, I put it down on the ground, think okay my 30 minutes of dead heading put on some nice music and go from plant to plant and just take off all of these old flowers and when they are gone they look so much better. Cause when they have these dead one's on there they do look like they are dead flowers but when they are gone the plant looks much better and I think they are much happier. They actually produce longer when you have all these dead flowers taking off. So everyday there you go.