Overview of Daylily Root System

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Now the root systems of these plants depending on how tall they are can be a huge thick ball, it could be long, thin, root systems here as you see this here. You can see parts of these tubers right here this is actually part of your daylily root system here. Of course when you cut it in half which I just did with this one is you actually slice these okay. Some people get nervous oh my gosh if I slice that am I going to kill my plant and actually no cause these would actually grow more and they grow more. So you would have your roots, you would have you tubers, these would just grow more, the bone meal that you might add would help them grow a little bit more. They are nice and sturdy this one is actually very healthy so this root system as really not been bother at all just by cutting it in half. If anything it might even grow better next year it would probably be double the size of this plant. If I put it in the ground in the fall it would probably be double the size next spring which would be a nice size to start off with the particular plant.