How to Shade Daylilies

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Sun verses shade. Well most people think that daylilies only do there best in the sun and they do very very well in the sun but I have found that some daylilies would do fine in the less sun spots also. There in the front here get morning sun as you cans see we have some nice yellow one's, I have these nice purple one which believe it on not I didn't think it would do as well here but it is looking fine in these nice orange one's. Now these get morning sun now as I back up here these red one's are basically under the tree so you would fine that these are doing fine. What I often times find out is that sometimes the darker the shade the less buds that you might have. So the color is pretty good but you may have fewer flowers the darker the shade is. Now this one here maybe a couple of flowers. Now again we have this one that is ready to bloom quiet a few buds in this yellow one that is pretty much in the shade that is also doing fine. So daylilies are such a forgiving plant they usually pretty happy as long as they get a little bit of sun and most of important tender, loving, care in there soil.