Picking Perennial Bulbs

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Perennial plants live for two years, which makes them great flowers for your garden. Get tips for selecting perennial bulbs in this free video clip. View Video Transcript

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Bulb selection is one of the most important aspects of getting a good bulb in order to get a good plant. Think about picking up your bulbs like going to the grocery store. You wouldn't buy a potato that was soft and had a soft spot on it. You don't want to buy a bulb that has a soft spot on it. These are elephant ears and when I buy them, I look for the kind that are solid. These things are hard as a rock and no soft spots. Generally speaking, in order to get your bulbs, you have to be out there just as soon as they show up in the stores, because bulbs are kind of like a bottle of wine. Not like a bottle of wine because they don't improve with age. As time goes on, you'll get more disease problems, and as they stay out of the ground, they lose their vigor and their strength. Just like any other thing that's out of its element, they'll not be able to regenerate if they're left too long on the shelf. Another thing that you want to look at is where you're going to plant them, and that kind of thing, and what kind of soil you're going to plant them in. Good bulbs are only as good as the location and once you get a location that's right, bulbs can go wild.