How to Water Oak Tree Acorns

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I'm Travis Steglich with Steglich Farm Supply and I am here on behalf of Expert Village. We are growing acorns into Oak trees. All we are going to do now is water the ones that we have put into the soil half way in and half way out, the way that mother nature would plant. I am also watering my little alligator jaw plant that was there. But we have the Live Oaks, the Spanish Oaks and the Burr Oaks, the ones that sank, the ones that floated and we are going to see whether or not sinking acorns guarantees a 100 percent germination. It will take us several weeks to figure that out. You want to keep them wet but not to the point of being saturated and keep them where they will get a little warmth because they are not going to be too particular about the temperature as far as germination because they are going to be germinating in a cold soil anyway. They will germinate early in the year so keeping them moist but not soaked will do the trick.