Planting Sprouted Perennial Bulbs

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Okay, we're planting perennial bulbs and we're talking about depth. Now in the previous clip we talked about planting. Read the little label that came off this elephant ear and it said to plant this elephant ear two inches under the ground. So that means I'm going to set the bulb and put two inches of soil above it -- two or three inches of soil above it. Now, this is a day lily, and it talks about planting the plant two inches under the ground. But we're not going to plant the two inches and cover up this vegetation. We're going to plant two inches to cover up the bulb from were its sprouted down here. We're going to stick it in the ground two inches and this green growth -- actually it's not too green right now, but this green growth needs to be above the ground. If you bury this thing and put two inches of dirt on top of it, and you just did that, you buried it; you'll never see it again. So when read the label and it tells you how deep to plant it, you need to use a little common sense. An unsprouted bulb would be planted two inches in the ground. This is sprouted. You're going to plant the bulb alright, but the green part of the sprout is going to be sticking out of the ground. It has to be. You can't bury this thing cause like I said awhile ago, if you do, that's what you get because if you bury it, you'll never see it again.