How to Make your Own Bonsai : Bonsai Lessons for Beginners

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Just getting started in bonsai? This video with tips for beginners will help you learn how to grow bonsai trees. View Video Transcript

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Okay, let’s talk about what it takes to make our own bonsai. This will be a very simple checklist of what you should have before getting started. First, you need your tree. Whichever tree you choose to start with. It will be a good idea to do some pruning on this tree before you put it in the pot. So, in this case we’re going to make the tree a little shorter. Oh! We need a bonsai pot! Bonsai pots come with holes in them, they’re ceramic. You can also buy plastic pots; although now-a-days the ceramic pots are so inexpensive you might as well see if you can get a ceramic pot. Our bonsai soil is actually fine enough that if we don’t put something over these holes it will run right out the bottom. So, what we do is cut ourselves a little bit of screen. Generally window screen is a little bit too fine. But, this is eighth inch hardwood but you can also use plastic screening that you use for hobbies and crafts work quite well. We want to cover those holes, and what we’re going to do is make sure those screens don’t move so I’ll make a little staple here and I’ll do one here real quickly. Okay, put that staple through the top and take my pliers and pull the wires tight. We have it tight here, trim off the excess and that screen isn’t going to move anywhere. The other thing we want to do is, to be sure our tree doesn’t fall out of the pot in the first few weeks is to put wire through the holes like this and we’ll kind of bend those out of the way for now. So, when we get ready to put the tree into the pot we will bend these wires across rip wall and very carefully trim the extra wire and that will prevent the tree from coming loose, falling out, what have you.