How to Move Daylilies

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So when you are actually going to move the daylily just cut it and cut apart this daylily from another part so we have all the root base here. I leave the dirt on it I do not shake any of the dirt off cause this is good top soil it is not any time to get rid of it so what I will try to do to keep the dirt from falling off rather then carrying it in my hands I put a shovel underneath it. And the shovel would in fact keep this dirt right where it is. Now if it is the middle of the summer and it is really really warm out of course we would want to do it then or the end of the day I would fine in late August beginning in September is a great time to do it. And if it is very dry I often times wet them, I just get a bucket of water damping them up. This soil we just had rain so it is pretty wet right now so you I would just dampen it up, put the shovel underneath it and I will just carry it to a place where I would like to have this particular color of daylily which is a nice peach color.