How to Grow a Flowering Pear Tree

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Grow a flowering pear tree in cooler climates to get flowers, and avoid watering the tree too frequently. Avoid planting flowering pear trees, or any trees, too deep in the ground with advice from the owner of a plant nursery in this free video on pear... View Video Transcript

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How do I grow a flowering pear tree? This is Richard Skinner at Hawkin's Corner Nursery in Plant City, Florida. Well if you're in Plant City, Florida area and you plant a flowering pear tree, chances is pretty good you're not going to get flowers. Why? Well we don't get quite enough chill hours. Gainesville, Florida north you will get flowers on your flowering pear tree. Your flowering pear tree is a hybrid. So it doesn't produce fruit but it gives you a sea of beautiful white bloom in the early spring, especially in Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, they just are gorgeous. North Florida to some extent. But the more cold you have on it, the better. Now when you plant your flowering pear tree, it's like planting any other tree, you don't plant it too deep and you don't drown it by having wet feet, so don't over water it. The flowering pear tree most common variety is the Bradford pear, makes a very beautiful cone shaped tree. It doesn't get real, real wide, but it really is attractive in a yard all year long. We enjoy ours we have here on our property but it doesn't flower like I say because we don't get enough chill hours, enough cold weather in the winter to take it through it's full dormancy. This is Richard Skinner at Hawkin's Corner Nursery in Plant City, Florida on how to grow a flowering pear tree.