How to Buy Shrubs & Trees

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When buying shrubs and trees, it is wise to prepare the area so the plants fit, buy them from a reputable nursery with a guarantee and look over the plant first. Purchase shrubs and trees that will thrive with tips from a gardening specialist in this... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Jessica Smith with Blands Nursery in West Jordan, Utah. In today's series we're talking all about trees and shrubs. Right now we're going to discuss how you actually buy trees and shrubs. Well first off, what you want to do is prepare the area and make sure you've planned it so that you get plants, or you buy plants that actually will fit in the area at maturity. It's the number one mistake that a lot of people make is they plant when it's little and it looks good when it's little, but that tree may get sixty, seventy feet high in an area that can only have a twenty or thirty foot tree. So plan and prepare before you buy. Next off, go to your local nursery, go to one that is a reputable nursery and check out what their guarantee is because you'll want a guarantee. You are dealing with a living plant and a reputable nursery will have trees and shrubs that are usually of higher quality, true to name, they're shipped correctly, unloaded correctly, taken care of correctly and they're also going to have a knowledgeable staff that can help you and guide you through the planting procedures and any problems that may arise. Also look over the plant. If you see anything wrong with it or any concerns, bring it up at the time that you're there at the nursery. It may just be a simple thing where the leave may be just dried around the edges and that may be common as the plant sits there in that black bucket in the heat, but bring it up at that time. They should be able to tell you what is wrong with it. That bargain basement price may not be a good deal. Yes it's good to get maybe a year end clearance or an overstocked item on it for a discounted price, but also be careful on clearance items. There may be something wrong with the plant that may cause problems and concerns down the road.