Colocasia Flowers for Shade Gardens

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Colocasia make great flowers for shade gardens. Get tips on planting and growing colocasia flowers in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolonda Vanveen from Vanveen In this series, we're going to learn all about flower bulbs that grow great in the shade. Everybody knows different perennials that grow great in the shade but there are a lot of blower bulbs that do really well in the shade. One of my favorite plants is the Colocasia or Taro, or they make Poi out of it, or they just call them Elephant Ears because the make really big green leaves that look like elephant ears. They like warm shade, ideally. When selecting an Elephant Ear make sure to pick the largest bulb you can find and you plant them with the bulls-eye up. So, it's good to find a bulb that you can tell which way is up. So, plant them about three inches deep with the bulls-eye up, and when in doubt go sideways, because they'll work their way up really well. Elephant ears do really well in shade. They like warm shade, though, so you don't really want a deep forested area. Find someplace next to the house or a fence or a small tree where it's still getting a lot of heat. And, they make big green leaves that are just gorgeous. They are actually a food staple in half of the world and they use them just like a potato to make poi or rice, or they cook it; either the leaves or the plant. So, they are a great plant for the shade and they are really easy to grow. In colder climates, you bring them in because they can freeze out. So, either throw them in a pot in the garage or treat them as a house plant or if you live in a warmer climate you can leave them outside year round. The next segment, we'll talk about another shade plant that I really like, Tricyrtis or Toad Lily.