Caring for a Geranium Plant

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Caring for geranium plants involves planting them in full hot sun, watering them often and cutting off the dead blooms every couple of months. Care for a geranium plant that will bloom all summer long with tips from a professional gardener in this free... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen from Vanveen And in this segment we're going to talk about how to take care of geranium plants. Now my geraniums are one of my favorite plants in my garden. I have always loved them. Because they're so easy to take care of. And they're so forgiving. I always kill fuschias and other plants that you have to keep really wet. These can stay on the drier side and they'll survive. And because I have mostly sun around the house right here, I got to make sure that plants that are - can handle full hot sun do well. And geraniums love full hot sun. So really the only thing that you have to do to take care of them is water them well. They do like a lot of water in the heat of the sun. So I have this gorgeous hanging basket geranium. And it's been blooming all summer long. And I've been pretty bad about dead heading it, but really, all that means is I'm cutting off all of this dead growth. So periodically, every couple of months is what you should do, is just cut out the dead flowers. So I just go through and cut out all the dead ones. And that's about as easy as it is. And the part that I love about geraniums too is they re-root themselves so easily. So I could take a piece like this and put it right into the dirt and it'll start a new geranium plant. So even when I am cleaning up my geraniums I'm sure to save all the little pieces, 'cause I'm going to turn around and plant that in my flower bed and I have found that some of the milder winters, they even survive over the winter, and I get geraniums all over my flower bed that way. So they're so easy to care for. So the trick is make sure you give them lots of water but let them dry out in between. And they like hot morning sun but not afternoon sun. This is the ideal spot for it, because it's getting really hot morning sun, so the sun's coming up in the east. But when it sets in the west, it's not getting that direct sun because the house is protecting it. So this is my ideal spot for the geranium, and because we live in the Northwest and we do get harder winters sometimes, it wouldn't survive out here over the winter. So I'm just - as soon as it starts getting cold at night and it starts dying back and everything starts looking tacky, I will just chop the whole thing back, except for the roots, and I'm going to throw it into my greenhouse, and leave it on the dry side. Not too dry, I'll still water it just a little bit so that it doesn't get too try 'cause I'll lose it if it gets that dry. And then again in April or May I'm going to throw it back out here again, and I'm sure by this time next summer I will have a lush, gorgeous plant again. Geraniums are such reward and so easy to grow.