Removing Japanese Boxwoods from Container

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If your planting Japanese boxwoods, get tips for removing the plants from containers in this free gardening video clip. View Video Transcript

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Our trench is dug, three inches deep. The soil's level, so now it's time for us to dig the hole. First I'm going to use this little shovel to mark out the area that I want to dig. Now, I'm going to start digging. Now, we want the hole to be about twice as wide as the container. So, about up to here, and about up to here, and like this, and like this. That'll create a nice rectangular hole. Now, I'll use the trowel to make the hole into a rectangle. Using the smaller shovel helps us to really get the hole the dimensions that we want. Okay. This looks about right. Now, I'm going to remove the plant from the container. Now we can see the root ball. We want our whole to be this deep. Alright, looks good. That's how we're digging our hole.