Growing Hanging Basket Flowers from Seed

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Growing flowers from seed for a hanging basket requires sprinkling seed across the top of the soil. Learn how to grow flowers from seed for hanging baskets in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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This is where it all starts at to make a hanging basket for growing your own flowers. First of all, we will take and fill our seed flat with our dirt, of course you will have to moisten your dirt. You will sprinkle all your seed out, like this. This is considered a hanging basket finger. These we will put 3 to 4 flowers, from this flat here, to go into the basket and of course this does spread and your basket will be full. However, we have these seedlings, cuttings from the Wandering Jew, and you will see the roots at the end and whenever we are doing our seedling though, these need to stay in here 7 to 10 days and from that we move them into a cooler house, which we will then start making baskets and doing other flowers in planters.