Tips for Shaping Japanese Boxwood

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Like hedges, Japanese boxwoods are a great plant to shape. Learn tips and tools for shaping Japanese boxwoods in this free gardening video clip. View Video Transcript

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Now I'm going to demonstrate how to trim the individual branches of our Japanese Boxwood. We've got some young plants here. We can just use some household scissors or some small pruners. And also, take a look overhead. Look down at your Boxwood. This will help you to shape the Boxwood. Often times, you're going to see that you have a fork shape on your Japanese Boxwood. You'll have a right branch and a left branch, and a top branch that's shooting straight out. Now, since we're trying to create little spheres, we're going to want to trim and cut this top branch off at the base. We're also going to look for dead branches. Obviously any branch that's dead and dying, we just want to cut that off at the base. Another thing to do is put yourself over the plant and look at the shape. Also, walk around it, fully in a circle, three hundred sixty degrees, and check the whole plant all the way around. But, these plants are very young and they are growing, so don't trim too heavily. Now, we're going to cut the top part of this branch of at the base. Now, over here, we're going to cut in between the leaves at the base of the leaves. These are the main considerations when trimming individual branches of your Japanese Boxwood.