Planting Spring Gardens: Dividing Bulbs of Siberian Iris

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The Siberian iris should be divided and planted in the fault line of a spring garden. Plant Siberian iris bulbs with the tips in this free video on gardening and farming from a professional organic gardener. View Video Transcript

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Here's a propagation technique that involves dividing our valuable flower bulbs. In this case we're going to dig up this Siberian Iris here and divvy it up into maybe two or three clumps. This is a plant that we got from someone at a farmers market that's a Siberian Iris, a Bearded Siberian Iris by the name of Lady Vanessa. And you can see that this clump has several parts. And, if we find a fault line we might be able to just further divide it up. There we go. There's our fault line, we'll weed out some of the garbage. Now we have a beautiful clump of Siberian Iris which can be replanted in our flower and perennial motif on down the hill. These are beautiful cut flowers, extremely exotic, and early in the spring this is one of the first flowers to make it into our spring bouquets. And look how easy it is to break it apart and to propagate it into new clumps. There you have it. The Siberian Bearded Iris.