How to Divide a Hosta

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Hosta's are shade plants that can be divided by separating the root and stem in order to create a new plant. Divide a hosta with tips from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardening. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen from Vanveen Bulbs and we're learning how to divide Hosta's. Hosta's are one of my favorite shade plants because they grow so easily, they don't need a lot of care at all, kind of like a fern, they just grow and grow and give you so much lush greenery in your shade and they're such a pretty plant and they multiply quickly, which for me is nice because I like to sale the plants. So, I've got a clomp of hosta's right here that have divided quite well and, basically, if you've got a stem and a root then I can make a new plant. So, right here, there's probably, if I really wanted to divide it up, at least thirty plants in there. An easy trick that I found is go towards the middle or to the side, a little bit, and where a lot of the stems are meeting the earth and they're separated from the other stems, take a knife or the shovel and I just go straight down, softly, and then I dig it back up. So, an easy thing to do is actually cut off some of the green area. A lot of times when I divide plants, I like to get new growth anyway, this growth is getting a little bit ratty. An easy trick is to actually cut some of the plants off where I'm dividing them. If I cut the leaves off it's easier to see too and then I can go further down, I just dig it and separate it from the mother plant, basically. So now I have a completely other plant, I've got some stems and I've got some root and where everything meets, is where the mother plant is. So, I've still got this plant so all I do is kind of straighten that back in there and by next year, it'll be twice the size again and I can divide it again. So, it's very easy to divide hosta, as long as you got some root and some stem, you can make a new plant. You either put it back into the pot or back into the ground, right away, because I found if you leave them out of the ground for a long time, they can dry out and you can lose them and you don't ever want them to be too dry because they like to be on the wet side.