How Does a Seed Split Open?

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Seeds split open when the root begins to grow out from the center of the seed, a result of being exposed to warmth and moisture in the soil. Understand the botany of a seed with helpful advice from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardens. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment, we're going to talk about how does a seed split open? Now, botany is pretty amazing. It's amazing to me that just a little seed can produce gorgeous flowers and gorgeous plants and delicious vegetables. And it seems kind of mysterious -- how does it work? But it's very simple. So a seed is just like a human egg or any type of egg. It has all the DNA for a plant. And so for it to break open, it needs a few things. And basically, it needs warmth and heat and moisture. It doesn't even need sunlight because as it grows, it needs sunlight, but under the ground, it's not getting the sun. But it does need the heat and it needs nutrition and it needs some type of water and to generate to growth. And basically, for a seed to grow, it grows a root, and that root comes out of the middle of the seed and it'll shoot out and break off and break out of the protective barrier, just like a chicken egg would. So it'll come out and start a root first. And if you notice, too, if you've grown seeds, a lot of times, the seed will come out of the ground and it'll have a root on it, but you just see the seed is still there. And then it'll start growing leaves -- two leaves, generally. It depends on the plant. And then it'll keep growing and grow into a mature plant. So a seed grows basically by starting a root. Inside the seed, the root pushes out of the cell, the outside layer of that seed, and then it grows into a plant. It's really as simple as that.