How to Grow Easter Lilies

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How to Grow Easter Lilies - Provided by eHow
Growing Easter lilies involves allowing the plant to die down every winter, but nurturing it back to growth every spring. Understand the pattern of growing these bulb flowers with helpful tips from a sustainable gardener in this free video on growing... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I'm going to talk about how to grow Easter lilies. Now Easter lilies are just a trumpet lily. And you can plant them outside once they're done blooming when you get them for Easter and they'll come back and bloom every summer just like a stargazer lily or a Casa Blanca lily would. So never throw it away once it's died. Turn around and either leave it in the pot and then just leave it, water it a little bit, never let it sit in water. And then turn around and you can start it the next year in the spring and it'll bloom the next year summer. Or put it right in the ground and it'll come back every year and bloom in the summer. So they come from a bulb. And they're really easy to plant just like any other lily you would plant. So I say plant it about three inches deep on every type of lily and every type of bulb. And then that will give it enough room so that it wont fall over as it grows. And they put roots on the top and the bottom. And so when I'm planting them, too, I always put some gravel in the bottom of the pot so the dirt doesn't fall right out. Or even marbles or rocks or sticks or anything, moss even. And then fill it about 2/3 with soil, then set your bulb right in the pot and then cover it about three inches. Okay. And then once you've covered it go ahead and just pat it down a little bit. And keep it watered but never let it sit in water. So put a plate on it or put it down somewhere where it's going to drain out. You never want the water sitting in there. But yet you don't want to let it get too dry at the same time. And naturally it'll come up and bloom in the summer time. Or if you have it at Easter then it wont bloom until the next year summer time. Now the real question is what do you do when they're done blooming? So once they're done blooming they just look like a stick with all these yellow leaves. So the theory is what you should do is top it. At this point it's better just to cut it about half way. And what happens there's still some greenery or green in the leaves. So that means that the photosynthesis will go down to the bulb and the bulb will multiply and get bigger quicker. So if there's greenery still on the leaves you don't want to cut it down because it's still giving it energy. But either way they'll survive no matter what you do believe me. Because I've cut them down to the ground and I've never lost them. So as soon as it turns brown you cut it to the ground. And you can either transplant it into the ground itself or you can leave it in the pot and it'll come up and bloom the next year. But Easter lilies are one of the easiest plants and one of the best smelling plants you can grow.