Soaking Hostas Prior to Planting

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Prior to planting I like to soak my plants in a hormone, a B1 rooting hormone. What I'll do is I'll actually take the plant stalk out and actually put it in this bucket of water. It's usually so many ounces per gallon of water for soaking the plants and I'll just put the whole root system and all in this bucket and I'll allow it to soak for, well, as long as you possibly can. A half an hour is about a good length of time for the plant to absorb that B1 hormone. This is an optional thing to do, you don't really have to do it but it does help improve the vigor of the plant and of the root system. I think it helps just give it a little bit of a head start in knitting when you actually go to plant the plant in the ground. So, we're just gonna put that in this bucket here and let it soak for a half an hour before we actually go and put it in the hole and plant it.