Tools for Transplanting Hostas

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OK, every gardener needs good tools, and for dividing perennials I use two different types of tools. I use a spade her that has a very square edge blade, which is very good for cutting and also for digging around the base of the plant. And I have a rounded shovel which I kinda just used to make our hole here that is good for actually scooping and getting underneath the plant. The first procedure I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take my spade and I'm actually gonna pull this mulch away, because we like to save whatever we can, and kind of expose around the circle of the plant. I'm gonna two different types of cuts. I wanna be sure to come out far enough from the plant so that I don't chop off any root that I might actually want. It's better to work away and then actually cut away after you get the perennial stalk out of the ground. So, I usually try to start a little bit further and I know it's gonna be a little bit tough here, cutting, because I've got this plant sort of planted sort of closely to the magnolia tree. And, you can hear I'm hitting some of the roots as we speak, of the tree. So, I use my heel and I push really hard and I start to cut away. Once I make those incisions in a circular motion around then I'm gonna do a, what I call, a side cut. I just actually kind of go down and dig away part of the dirt to start to reveal that ball of the plant. And you see some other roots here but they are not the roots of the hosta they are actually the roots of the tree so don't worry about them. The tree will be just fine. You can see a few of the roots getting exposed. I have to get over on the back side of this now and do the same thing, it'll be a little hard to see, but it's there. OK, I have that trimmed back as far as I need it to be for this stage.