Tips for Moving Irises Safely

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Learn the proper way to move a Japanese Iris from one place to another without damaging the roots in this free video clip. View Video Transcript

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I've put this iris plant in this burlap sack here for a number of reasons. Number one; I presoaked it so that would keep my roots nice and cool in the hot sun, and also to help ease in lifting the plant out of the hole. It's very important to use your knees and save your back as much as possible when you're gardening because it can be literally back breaking work. You can see that the whole root system is around this burlap and I can grab both of the corners of the sack and actually rock it over to where I'm going to now plant it. This really helps transport and moving. I'm bending my knees the whole time. Now it's closer to where I'm going to divide it and plant it.