When to Trim Viburnum

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Trim viburnum back one third every year after the flowers are done blooming, but before the plant sets out seed pods. Prune viburnum in the late summer or early fall to get the best results for the next year with help from a sustainable gardener in this... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about when is the best time to trim Viburnum. Now Viburnum are a gorgeous addition to your garden. They are a little shrub that has beautiful white and pink flowers all over it and they are so delightful. And then once the flowers are done, they make berries and the berries are really pretty too. And they look good all winter long. So there's different times of the year that you can trim them down but the rule of thumb is never trim them down more then one third of the plant down. So if you are going to trim them back because they are starting to get big, only trim them back one third of the size of the plant then next year another third. Cause you want to, don't want to trim them down too far to the ground cause you might lose them. And the best time actually to trim them or prune them is once the flowers are done and before they've set out their little seed pods. And the problem with doing that is you don't get the little red berries on them and it's so beautiful when they turn to berry. But it's actually the best time to trim them down. Because then they will make nice lush growth for the next year and you'll get even more berries in the end. So the best time is probably in the late summer to early fall. Once those blooms are done and before they make those berries trim them down. But saying that I'm to the point in my garden you can trim it back anytime they are not in bloom. So you can trim them down in the middle of the winter and in the spring and they'll still grow lush and beautiful. You might lose a few of the flowers for that year, a few of the berries for that year but anymore in my garden I trim things when I think about it because if I try to wait till the right time to do it, I forget and it never gets done. So my theory in my garden is do it when you think about it, that's the best time to prune.