Correct Tools for Building a Picket Fence

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Start with the correct tools for your new picket fence. Learn about what tools to have from a professional contractor in this free home improvement video. View Video Transcript

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Here are a few tools that you will need to install your picket fence. The first one you will need is a measuring tape to measure and cut your materials. The second one is a drill. Now this is a battery drill, I prefer a battery and you can get an electric. Before, however, you start your project make sure that your spare battery is plugged in and ready to go when this one runs. out. You will need a saw. You can use a hand saw. A skill saw here is a little bit quicker and it is a little bit more for the lack of a better word, professional. You will need screws. These are special deck screws, they are coated with a polymer to prevent rust. You will need a 1 and 1/4 inch decking screw for your pickets and here I have 3 inch coated deck screws for your picket fence. Here are some more tools that you will need to install your picket fence. I have three levels here. A 6 foot level for the top of the 2X4's, a smaller version for the pickets and/or for the posts but a real handy thing to get at your local store would be this, now this particular level has all three levels that you will need to install your posts plumb. You will also need of course a post hole digger to dig your posts. Now a very important tool for any garden project of course is a shovel. The other item you will need is a framing square. This allows you to make straight cuts and square cuts for the frame for the fence. The thing you will need next is a nice ball of string. This is used to plumb your fence and this will allow you to have a straight fence and this also tells you where to put your 4x4 posts for your picket fence. Lastly this is a stake for your plumb string.