Winterization & Storage of a Lawnmower

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Learn how to winterize and store your lawnmower the proper way in this free DIY video on lawn mower maintenance. View Video Transcript

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Hello my name is Acton on behalf of Expert Today we are going to talk about how to properly clean and store your lawnmower. Now if you are like me, a lot of people actually, don’t have a garage. I need to clean the lawnmower and store in a way where I am going to let, snow or rain or other sort of elements ruin my lawnmower for the season when I am not using it. So the first thing I want to do is clean out any excessive lawnmower debris that might have accumulated. I am going to take my hose and just give it a good rinse. Now I am pretty much ready go. Just remember that when you are done rinsing off your lawnmower and getting rid of any sizable debris off of it, just remember to let it dry because if you put it away wet, it will rush. Again, you will take years of life off of your mower. When you are spraying it clean, make sure you avoid spraying directly on the air filter. If you have any openings, just avoid spraying pressurized water into those openings cause if you get water in your oil or gas, it is going to be a bad thing. On my previous segments we have already drained the oil and the gas and so pretty much we are ready to put it away. What I have here is tarp and simply spread it over the lawnmower. I also have some rocks which I am going to use to sort of keep the tarp down and keep any sort of like getting underneath there. This is only for people who do not have a shed including myself. If you do have a garage or shed, never ever hang up your lawnmower. Again, you are just letting all those fluids that you may or may not have drained completely drain into the soil which is a bad thing.