Bathroom Cleaning: Mirror

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The bathroom mirror is cleaned with a glass cleaner that can sit and soak on the mirror for a few minutes. Clean a bathroom mirror with tips from an experienced housekeeper in this free video on housecleaning. View Video Transcript

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So we have just got all of our light fixtures nice and shiny and clean. Again the disinfectant shines up hardware very beautifully and cleans at the same time so we've got a nice clean top of our room. The next thing down because you go from top to bottom is of course our mirror so of course we are going to start off with this mirror here which is quite a good size. You can see that there is smears and smudges and splashes and fingerprints all over it and that is after one week so we really want to coat this mirror well because it is pretty dirty. So just leave that to rest for a second. Now I actually start at the bottom of my mirror and go up because if you see all the drips come down and then they just go underneath the glass and you can't get behind there and I certainly don't want any kind of dampness building up behind my mirror so I like to catch it as it is coming down and clean upwards. That is the only time I break that rule of cleaning from top to bottom as I am sure you have heard your mothers tell you you always clean from top to bottom.