How to Conserve Water when Washing Dishes

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Learn how to conserve water when you are washing dishes by hand with expert cleaning tips in this free dishwashing video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! This is Grace Fitzpatrick here for Expert Village and I am going to talk to you about conserving the water when doing dishes by hand. It is good to think about conserving water because when doing dishes by hand, a lot of people think that they need more water than they actually need. One mistake that I made in the past that I am now aware of thank goodness is not keeping the water running the entire time you are doing the dishes. It would probably shock us all to see how much water we used if we kept the sink running the whole time. So one thing that I like to do is if I have just a small pile of dishes, I will wash them all and wait to rinse them all at the same time. So that I am not taking a dish washing it, rinsing it, putting it in all one at a time. I am just washing them all and rinsing them all so that I am using the water in a contained area of time and I am pretty sure that I am not going to be wasting it. So that is one thing that you definitely want to keep in mind is not leaving the water running the whole time, waiting for all the dishes to be washed before you rinse them. Some people like to fill up their sink with water first and put some soap in it and let their dishes just soak there and wash them all in there without the water running. Kind of like a bubble bath for the dishes and then let the water run and quickly rinse the dishes off that way or if you have a double sink, that is especially a good way to save water. What I mean by that is some sinks have two compartments and you can fill one compartment with the soapy water and have the other compartment just for clean water so your basically running your dishes through two little tubs. That is a really good way to save water. Then you don't have to turn on the faucet hardly at all and that is when you start to waste water.