Preparing Cut Flowers for Preservation

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Hello, my name is Jose Zuniga and I'm representing How do we do our flower arrangement? Well, we have our traditional vase here and our bud vase. Now for this one for our bud vase we're going to use the carnations. If you want to you can, measuring tape can always come in handy, I normally just go by vision. Now, I'm going to cut with a good clean pair of scissors and be going down and the reason that you do that is because this is the affect that you want when you cut it, its got to be on the side. It's going to allow the water to penetrate the whole system and it's going to prolong the life. Now when it comes to the greens, well the greens we don't need all of that, so basically it's just right here on the side and that's going to be the foundation for the bottom, so we'll do that. I'm going to cut one more, get the other carnation as well, there we go and I think this is going to be enough for the greens, so we've taken care of that. Now we need to tackle the regular vase, now on this particular vase, it's tall already so we really don't have to do much cutting. We are going to cut just a about half a little inch and remember we've got to go down just like we talked about earlier. You see all the water will be able to penetrate the system completely and that's what we want. Now, when you place them here in your vase, you need to be careful that if you see any leaves that are going to be floating or underneath the water, we need to remove them, because the fungus is going to be there and it's going to reduce the life span of the flowers and we don't want to do that. So just do that same to all the little flowers, there we go, just kind of start placing them in. Once you have them all in there, then you just kind of start arranging them and if you need to cut some that are taller, smaller, we'll deal with that as well and this is fun and do a spot check as you go. Are there any leaves that are dead, anything that is damaged? You have to remove them, what's going to happen is all that is going to kill the plant and we don't want to do that. Even the sun can damage the appearance of your flowers. We're almost there we have a few more here, so we're just going to place them all around and then we're going to remove them and replace them to see what makes sense where they need to go and we'll have a great flower arrangement here and I just can't wait to put them inside. You know and it's also great when you have some in your garden that you can step out of your house and just clip them, that'll be great, see what I'm talking about. Just be creative, be yourself, what is it what you want, this is simple and this is how we create our flower arrangements.